Sinalo Gqunu holds a Bachelor of Science from Rhodes University where she majored in Biochemistry (distinction), Microbiology (distinction), and Chemistry. She also has a Bachelor of Medical Sciences Honours degree from the University of Cape Town. She has recently submitted her research report at the University of the Witwatersrand, where she was pursuing a Master of Science in Infectious Diseases Epidemiology.

During her final year of her undergraduate, she worked on a malaria project and had the chance of co-authoring her first scientific article. While pursuing her honors degree she spent some time in the United Kingdom performing data collection for her project. In the past, she has worked for the National Institute for Communicable Diseases as a Research Assistant as well as the Wits Department of Surgery as a Junior data analyst. In the near future she hopes to either pursue a secondary Master’s degree in Biostatistics or a PhD that includes more in-depth biostatistical techniques.

In her spare time she enjoys watching documentaries on true crime, paranormal investigations, and court cases. Her favourite series of all time are the Big Bang Theory and The IT Crowd.

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