We use in-house and external experts with African experience to bring relevant training to researchers, professionals and other practitioners in medicine, research, monitoring and evaluation, programme science and statistical analysis. 

As a result, CESAR is increasingly recognised as a foremost provider of specialised research and statistics short courses in the continent. We are the biggest trainers of Stata and data analysis short courses in the continent.

At CESAR, our goal is the efficient transfer of functional up-to-date knowledge from technical experts to hands-on professionals in the field.

Our key training areas include:

  • Health, education, economics and applied research
  • Research methodologies
  • Monitoring and evaluation/impact evaluation
  • Data management
  • Statistical methods and data analysis
  • Report writing including infographics

World-class training

Our traditional face-to-face workshops in Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as customised in-house training on request, have attracted participants from over 25 countries in four continents.


Traditional Training

Our face-to-face courses are conducted monthly and advertised on our website, social media pages and digital platforms. They take place at our trusted venues in Johannesburg and Cape Town with affiliations to prominent universities such as the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and the Sports Sciences Institute, University of Cape Town.


In-house Training

Organisations that want to train five or more people find our in-house training option valuable. Our team, in discussion with the client, designs customised training that meet the client’s needs. We can use the client’s site and data for such training.

Our Courses

Below is a list of traditional and in-house training courses that CESAR offers. These courses typically range from 3-day to 5-day courses.

Data analysis and data management courses

Comprehensive Data Analysis Course Using Stata

Advanced Course in Multiple Regression and Causal Inference

Data Cleaning and Management Course Using Stata

R Software for Data Analysis

Data Analysis Training Using IBM SPSS

Survival Analysis Course

Data Analysis and Visualisation Training using Microsoft Excel

Qualitative Data Analysis Course Using NVivo

Qualitative Data Analysis Course Using Atlas.ti

Python Software for Data Analysis

Research methodology courses

Comprehensive Research Methodology Course

Quantitative Research Methodology Course

Qualitative Research Methodology Course

Monitoring and evaluation courses

A Comprehensive Course on Monitoring and Evaluation

Using Data to Improve Programmes: A Course on Data Interpretation and Data Use for HIV and TB Programme

Advanced Course on Impact Evaluation and Causal Inference

Research writing courses

Data Analysis Retreat

Research Report Writing Course

Other specialised courses

Database Design Course

A Short Course on Evidence-based Practice

Professional Course in Data Capture

Training Clients

CESAR has trained hundreds of researchers, doctors, nurses, data analysts, professors and other research professionals including data capturers from 25 countries across the world including 21 African countries. Below are some local and international organisations whose staff we have trained in our open and in-house courses.

Training Testimonials

As a result of our dedication to excellence, we receive excellent feedback from the hundreds of research and evaluation professionals we train every year from across the continent.

“The whole course was amazing! Statistics has always intimidated me, but I am a lot more comfortable with it. Thank you!”
February 2020, Comprehensive Data Analysis Course using STATA

“I enjoyed understanding the statistical concepts and the principles behind them. As well as the ability to use STATA. A powerful tool.”
November 2019, Comprehensive Data Analysis using STATA

“My major learning points were knowing how to analyse quantitative data and reporting it effectively, Descriptive statistical analysis for questionnaire analysis and inferential statistical analysis for bug data and for inferring from a small but representative sample”
August 2019, Comprehensive Data Analysis Course using STATA

“I enjoyed gaining an understanding of the structure and layout of a scientific paper, as well as the steps for preparation and writing”
November 2019, Scientific Report Writing course

Other Services

Research Consultancy

CESAR provides consultancy services in all aspects of research from inception to completion.

Technical Support Hiring

Our consultancy team includes a range of in-house research and evaluation experts including epidemiologists, statisticians, demographers, quantitative economists and public health practitioners.