Women in Research

Our second feature is dedicated to Rosaline Pineteh, a Researcher at CESAR. Rosaline holds an MSc degree in Public Health from Bournemouth University in the UK. In the past four years, she has been involved in implementing several research projects such as digitisation of M&E data systems, electronic tool development, data collection and data analysis. Rosaline has co-authored seven research reports.


MSc in Public Health 

“I always knew I wanted to contribute towards a society where decisions are made based on evidence. ”

How long have you worked at CESAR?

I have worked at CESAR as a Researcher for four years.

What does Women’s Month mean to you?

To me, women’s month is a time when we pay homage to the courageous women of 1956 who played a pivotal role in addressing the injustice in society and paving the way for freedom. It’s a time when as women we are reminded of our strength and resilience and are encouraged to forge ahead, to speak up and to be the change we want to see in society.

Why do we need more women in research?

We need more women not just in research but generally in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). Women have been underrepresented in these fields for several reasons including gender stereotypes and male-dominated cultures among others.

We must continue to promote public awareness to different stakeholders in our societies of how women can be encouraged to pursue opportunities in research and STEM.

Who has inspired your journey in reserach?

My journey as a researcher has been inspired by my experiences and by other researchers I have admired. I always knew I wanted to contribute towards a society where decisions are made based on evidence.

Working in a research field has allowed me to do so through implementing research projects that have provided evidence and influenced change in policy at different levels.

Below are some research reports I have co-authored at CESAR:

  • Rosaline Pineteh and Braimoh Bello. Learner Satisfaction Survey: Learner Experiences During Training. 2019.
  • Bello B, Surgey G, Pineteh R, Reiprich, G. Kamadu A. 2019. Tuberculosis out-of-pocket expenditure study, Lesotho, 2019.
  • Braimoh Bello, Rosaline Pineteh, Daisy Chimanga. 2018. Baseline Survey Reflection Report: GAP Year Programme.
  • Rosaline Pineteh and Braimoh Bello. WRHI Sex Work Programme: Data Cleaning and Analysis Report. 2018.

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