CESAR launches online course. Same great content, same world-class facilitators, now in the comfort of your own space.

They are Here – Virtual Courses!

 1 June 2020

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way many businesses operate, including the way training courses are implemented. More organisations are turning to online training for their staff, since many now work remotely. In line with clients’ needs, CESAR has launched its key courses to its online training platform.

The facilitator-participant interaction is paramount to extracting the best value from research and statistical courses. Therefore, our online courses include interactive webinars and ample amount of personal learning. The online training is packaged to encourage self-paced learning as participants will:

  1. Receive videos for every interactive webinar session
  2. Receive all training materials before the course
  3. Have self-learning practical sessions between interactive webinars spread out over three to four weeks.

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