Who we are

The Centre for Statistical Analysis and Research (CESAR) is a world-class training and consultancy organisation based in Johannesburg. CESAR was born out of the need to provide world-class training and consultancy services in research, data management, statistical analysis and evidence-based practice, with special focus on research, evaluation designs and data analysis.

We use local and international experts with African experience to bring relevant and top-notch training to researchers, professionals and other practitioners in these areas.

What we do

  • We are experts in conducting research surveys.
  • We are monitoring and evaluation specialists.
  • We also specialise in programme science.
  • We specialise in quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • We are one of the foremost providers of professional short courses in research, evaluations and statistics.


To contribute to a healthy and productive Africa through training and skills application.


  • To be continuously involved in solutions and innovations through training and research.
  • To contribute to a culture of research in Africa.
  • To contribute to a continent where practitioners and organisations make evidence-based decisions.

Our Values





Team Work